Sports Chest Expander Rubber Rope


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Sports Chest Expander Rubbere Rope is very elastic and very convenient to combine with the yoga training movements in order to improve the flexibility of the body. It can be used by teenagers and women with limited physical strength, to achieve good balance and exercise of the whole body muscles, to stabilize the posture and control the stretching distance, to improve the physical activity and to shape the body effectively.

Sports Chest Expander Rubbere Rope can also increase the enjoyment of exercise and change the unique exercise method.


  • Five levels of strength.
  • Easy to disassemble.

  • Exercise your back, legs, chest, arm.
  • Curved and comfortable design suitable for palm.

  • Antlers anti-trip design disassembly convenient.
  • Latex chest expander.
  • Good elasticity.
  • The 5 root display is suitable to lose weight and exercise muscles.
  • The 3 root display is suitable for girls and teenagers to exercise.
  • The 1 root diplay is suitable for primary school students to exercise.


Function: Comprehensive Fitness Exercise
Application: Spring Chest Developer

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