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Whether it's long hairs or short hairs, this Glove will help you win the war of the hairs!

Hair loss in dogs and cats is a natural cycle. It is normal that twice a year your pet's hair grows, falls and renews itself naturally. It is in spring and at the end of summer that these hair loss takes place.

It is normal for a pet to lose his hair, but it is often a problem for his owner. Brushing and grooming is essential, it is also a special moment between you and your pet. 

This glove is both a pet grooming tool and a surface cleaner. You just need to groom your dog with the glove to give it a shiny coat, then pick up the hairs on the furniture with the same gesture. If you're a cat owner, this soft glove will make your pet purr with pleasure, and pick up their fur with just one swipe.


  • Lightweight and machine washable, easy to clean.
  • Breathable Mesh cloth.
  • Multiple functions: Massaging, Bath brush, Hair remover, Deshedding.

  • Adjustable sticker stap.
  • Soft rounding nubs. 


  • Material: Silicone Glove
  • Use For: For Dog Cat Hair Comb,Bath Cleaning
  • Pet Glove Size: 23*18cm
  • Gloves Weight: 80g Approx
  • Gloves Color: as description
  • Breathable fast-drying mesh lining
  • Adjustable Velcro wrist strap ( fits all hand size)

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