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Just like you, a dog needs regular dental care. A dog's mouth is home to several types of bacteria which, in combination with small scraps of food and saliva, form a soft, sticky film on the teeth. In a few days, this plaque turns into tartar, recognizable by its hard and yellowish appearance. Your pet's gums can become irritated and inflamed, if the tartar ends up slipping between the teeth. Along with real discomfort and bad breath, it can cause bleeding gums and spread bacteria to the blood and other organs in the body.

Made from Natural Rubber, the Dog Toothbrush Toy motivates dogs to clean their own teeth by chewing it. Make your dog enjoy brushing instead of being forced.


  • Dog toothbrush toy is made of natural, non-toxic and eco-friendly rubber.
  • The dog chew toothbrush prevents damage to the dog's gums and resists to biting and chewing.
  • The durable and aligned bristles inside the brush help clean dental plaque which hides in the dead corner, remove it and prevents decay.
  • The rubber granular cleaner outside the brush can be used to massage your dog. 
  • Dental chew toy helps your dog to easily brush his teeth.
  • Internal self-dispensing toothpaste reservoir helps freshen breath.




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