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"Really good quality material. So far so good with the durability of the stitching, I’ve probably hit this Golf Impact Bag roughly 200 times now. As far as if it helps with the golf swing, I’d say it’s really helped me feel impact position and releasing the club at the end of the swing."


It is very popular among players, as it aids them to improve their abilities and enhance their technics. Also, correcting their postures along the way.

Our Golf Smash Bag is a safe golf practice option unlike car tires or other objects, and made uniquely for practice use. It can also Strengthening your core muscles as well as your left side of the body, to balance out the shortcomings caused by the wrong arm and wrist movements. Also provided with a special slice cure supplement, guaranteed to cure your slice in a matter of seconds.

 Why you should get the Golf Hitting Bag? 

  • Safe and reliable: With more practice, it can eliminate the problem of bend left hand and with no front arm post when playing golf, which provides the golfer a sense of touch and to be good at a golf game
  • Effective: Human engineering mechanics design combines all the features of golf, it offers the golfer effective and precision training
  • Durable material: Golf smash bag is adopted high-tech composite, made with elastic sponge and soft plush, which is very suitable for golf swing hit
  • Strong and correct hit: High-density bag with polishing surface makes it smooth and high-assault for the strong and correct hit


  • Material: PU
  • Size: 44 x 26cm/17.32x 10.24
  • Color: Yellow, Black,Red
  • Package Contents: 1x Smash Bag Golf Hitting Bag

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