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"I don’t normally write reviews but after using this product once at a range my ball striking improved immediately. I’m already in eight handicap but when I started to use this product my swing shortened which is something I’ve been working on."

Really popular among new golf players and professional coaches, this golf swing trainer aid helps our customers correct their postures and their swinging as well as aid teachers and professionals with their training to perfect their skills.


Flexible design

The design is very flexible as the neck rope the smart ball is attached to, can be adjusted depending on the user’s preferences to satisfaction.

Our trainer aid is very convenient and lightweight, easy to clean, with divers storage options as well.

Eco-friendly materials

Made with durable and eco-friendly materials, allowing it’s wielders a long usage time.
On top of that, it is the best gift for amateurs to practice with, and professionals to teach with, and overall golf players thanks to its functions and pros.

  • Material: Environmental friendly flocking PVC
  • Diameter: about 15cm /5.91in
  • Color: Black (customizable color)
  • Product weight: About 40g
Package include:
  • 1 * Golf Swing Trainer ball(black) + 1 * Inflator(random color) 

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