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Hand: Right Handed Players
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"Really helps with proper golf grip. Once installed worked great. The grip is the most neglected part of the game and it’s probably the most important. This can be a good golf training aid working on your grip while watching TV."

A good grip can now be acquired without the help of a pro! 

This Golf Swing Training Aid can help you hold the club with more power, consistency and accuracy for a perfect swing!


Enhance your grip

Having a good grip is essential for a good swing. Golf players who do not hold their club properly will never be able to control the club during the swing. 

The positions of your fingers play an important role in the distribution of the forces acting on the grip of the club. Which means they influence the direction and the speed of the ball.

This is why this Golf Swing Grip Trainer is the perfect solution for golf players who are struggling to find their golf proper grip. It provides proper hand and finger placement for a correct grip.


High quality material

The golf training aid is made of high quality rubber material with the characteristics of strong, durable and anti-twisting. The sculpt is small and exquisite, mini design and light in weight and easy to carry out.

    Easy & Secure Grip

    Made from high-quality, long-lasting, and anti-twisting rubber, this golf training grip is the ideal golf training tool that can help you hit the ball smoothly.

    Perfect for right or left handed golf player, this golf grip trainer can help you learn how to keep your body and arms together to get the perfect grip.


    Easy to Install

    Very easy carrying and fits for almost all kinds of clubs.

    This Golf Swing Training Grip Aid is great for a complete warm-up and strength to build golf muscles and improve your fundamentals to become a better golf player!



    • Dimensions: 25.4 x 15.5 cm / 10 x 6.1 inch
    • Color: Black
    • Material: Rubber

    Package includes:

    Golf rubber grip * 1

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