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This Breathable Backpack Cat Carrier will offer a unique experience for your cat. You can put the bagback on your back or on your stomach. The cat can thus enjoy the view while being completely safe. By carrying your cat in this way, you avoid the balancing effect that is often found with conventional transport cages.

This bag is really ideal for transporting your cat under 6 kg. It is equipped with a transparent shell so that your cat enjoys the openness to the world. Not only does the cat see, but it also benefits from the smells since the cat carrier bag is fully ventilated with open spaces on either side. These openings allow ventilation in the cat backpack.


  • Side door design.
  • Convenient for cats to enter and exit.

  • Three dimensional side oppening.
  • Breathable.
  • Confortable and elastic three layer blanket cushions.


  • Closure Type: zipper
  • Material: Nylon
  • Type: cats
  • Size: 31*25*42cm
  • Weight: about 1.04kg
  • Package contains: a cat bag and a cotton pad
  • Can hold 6.5kg cat or 5kg dog

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