Airplane Toy Model For Kids


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Airplane Toy Model For Kids is specially designed for children passionate about Airplanes, Helicopters, Pilots, control towers and airports. It’s a great way to explore the world of aviation and cars. It is by playing that children learn to live!

This cartoon airplane tells stories, ancient poems, music, aviation history.

Airplane Toy Model for Kids

 Several car toys can be placed in the plane by opening the aircraft door. Aircraft cabin can be utilized as a slide to help the cars slide out. Moreover, this Airplane Model  has  cool LED flashing lights and sound variations. 

Airplane Toy Model for Kids



Airplane Toy Model for Kids



  • Type: Airplane
  • Age Range: Greater than 3 years old
  • Scale:1:12
  • Warning: Don't Eat
  • Ship/Naval Vessel: Other
  • Plane Size:39*16*30 cm
  • Music: Yes
  • LED light: Yes
  • Note: Random Style, don't accept the specified Style. (car)
  • Color: blue/white
  • Material: plastic

Airplane Toy Model for Kids

Package Contents:

  • 1 x Aircraft Toy
  • 6 x Car Toys
  • 12 x Traffic Signs
  • 1 x Traffic Map

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