Adjustable Fitness Kettlebell Handle For Use With Weight Plates


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The Adjustable Kettlebell with different customizable weights can accommodate various demands of strength training and accomplish the objectives of full body workout and bodybuilding. Multi-weights can be mixed and matched to suit the fitness of both men and women.

 The Kettlebell Handle is able to perform push-ups, handstands, climbers, sitting posture, triceps push-ups and many other exercises of the body's core, arms and legs which will help enhance the strength of the whole body.

The Kettlebell Handle is excellent for strength workout, burning fat and upper body exercises, the weight is made of high performance metal with plastics covering to guarantee maximum strength and safety, and provide a perfect grip to protect us from injuries during the exercise. The wide handle with thick rubber sleeve is comfortable and makes exercise a pleasure.


  • Enhance the strength of the whole body.
  • Excellent for strength workout, burning fat and upper body exercises.
  • High performance metal with plastics covering.
  • Comfortable and thick rubber sleeve.


Weight: 800g/1300g/1900g
Material:: cast iron /PE

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