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 "I use my chainsaw a lot and I either need to carry several sharp chains or run miles to town. Now, in minutes I can sharpen the chain on the spot."

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 Want to work more efficiently with your wood projects? Say goodbye to dull chainsaw because you’ll never have to worry about getting uneven cut!

With our chainsaw sharpener, you can cut any wood with ease and precision!

hainsaw Sharpener Kit, Suitable for All Kinds of Chain Saws and Electric Saws
Use the chain saw chain grinding fixture to make your chain saw as sharp as new, making your work more time-saving and labor-saving!

It is as easy to use as a pencil sharpener; just set the clamp to the rod, position the pawl on the tooth, insert the burr into the guide sleeve, and turn the handle.

Why should you GET this Portable Chainsaw Sharpener?


To accommodate different sizes of chain, this chain saw sharpener is designed with two fixed sharpening holes and a standard 30° sharpening front angle. Anodized aluminum clamps, also for use with electric chain sharpeners. Flexible operation and can be used on all chain saws.


This chainsaw sharpening tool is lightweight and we provide a storage bag for easy storage and portability for outdoor use. We also put a spare pair of gloves in each box to protect your hands from harm. Coupled with a cleaning brush, it can effectively extend the life of the chain.



This chainsaw blade sharpener can be used without complicated procedures. You can attach it and adjust it freely by using its control knob—so you don’t have to worry about the chainsaw sharpening tool’s stability and precision.



The chain saw sharpening is made of rust-proof stainless steel alloy material, which is durable and very strong. Each time you sharpen the teeth, just pull the chain, the precise sharpening can ensure that every tooth is repaired, and it only takes 3-5 seconds to clean the dull chain again





This is the best part about this tool is it’s compact and lightweight! So you never have to worry about blunt chainsaw ever again—even you’re out on site. Its portability offers a less-hassle experience whenever doing jobs in various locations. You’ll always have access to chainsaw sharpening jigs on the go!



  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Yellow
  • Weight:342G
  • Size (L X W X H):86 × 69 × 50MM

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